Sources of Wisdom — Ourselves

As we embark on our quest for wisdom, we should probably ask where we find it. The automatic response might be “the Bible.” And that would be a great answer, except that our search for wisdom would be pretty limited if it was confined to whatever time we spend reading Scripture. So Scripture couldn’t be…Read more »

Quest for Wisdom

Sunday I invited people to join me on a seven-week quest for wisdom. I suggested that most of us tend to see decisions as boiling down to two choices: doing what I want or doing what’s right. (It’s great when these two coincide. Then we don’t have to decide between them.) In Romans 7 Paul…Read more »

Women Leaders?

Judges 5:1-18, Acts 2:1-21, Matthew 28:1-10 As most of you know I follow the daily lectionary for my morning devotions. All three of today’s readings have women playing a prominent role in God’s mission. Granted, the Bible as a whole is a fairly patriarchal book. God’s revelation of his will in Scripture and history is…Read more »