1. Sean and Jennifer, who were in Boston over the weekend, decided to drive all the way back to Schenectady late Saturday night in order to be with us in worship on Sunday morning.  (This made God happy; it meant that He could receive those stirring drum-punctuated songs He loves so much.) 2. Rachel and Jennifer…Read more »

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Never thought I’d see the day: Eric Barnes out-‘hammed’.  By a little girl!  I can’t imagine doing this justice, but let me give it a try.  This redoubtable and remarkable moment simply must be described for the poor unfortunates who didn’t get to see it with their own eyes. The setting was BRC’s first Kids Hope USA – Van Corlaer party.…Read more »

Born Leaders

All of us are leaders. I’m not saying that everyone has the gift of leadership. A person can lead without the spiritual gift of leadership, just as he or she can pray for others to be healed without the particular spiritual gift of healing. If you are responsible for others, you are a leader. If you are…Read more »