Memories of a Hot Summer Day

You’re getting a double header today. (Be sure to read Sharon’s post below.) This past Thursday evening Sharon and I arrived home from Michigan. Thanks for all your prayers; we had a great vacation. But today I’m actually thinking of another trip Sharon and I took from Michigan to New York.

Beyond Words

The Patrick’s Picnic is such a happy route back into life-at-BRC after having been way. I don’t get to see everyone, but we do get to look into many dear familiar (family-er) faces and see love shining out. And there is just so much life at a Patrick picnic, isn’t there.

Who Are We Really

Issues of identity are big for a lot of us. Even while we’re going about our lives fairly competently and happily, there’s often some low-grade inner static. If we pay attention and listen in on the static, it’s often muttering, “Is this who I really am? Am I an okay person? Am I being the person I…Read more »