“Nothing is more practical than finding God."

You’re getting a double header today. (Be sure to read Sharon’s post below.) This past Thursday evening Sharon and I arrived home from Michigan. Thanks for all your prayers; we had a great vacation. But today I’m actually thinking of another trip Sharon and I took from Michigan to New York.

The Patrick’s Picnic is such a happy route back into life-at-BRC after having been way. I don’t get to see everyone, but we do get to look into many dear familiar (family-er) faces and see love shining out. And there is just so much life at a Patrick picnic, isn’t there.

Issues of identity are big for a lot of us. Even while we’re going about our lives fairly competently and happily, there’s often some low-grade inner static. If we pay attention and listen in on the static, it’s often muttering, “Is this who I really am? Am I an okay person? Am I being the person I …

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What do you think of when you hear the word “gospel?” Maybe it’s gospel music, or the four New Testament gospels, or the cross, or ‘the plan of salvation’, or just Jesus. Did you know that Jesus had a gospel (good news) that He preached?