The Wild-erness

Daniel de Roulet, in his book, Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World, talks about his family’s moving from surburban New Jersey to a small desert town in California after his father’s death. A sign near the highway exit read, “Welcome to Ridgecrest, Gateway to Death Valley.” Every year bored high school seniors would remove…Read more »

Post-Worship Musings

Yesterday I took a walk at Plotterkill Nature Preserve. The wind was cool and bracing. Trees, clothed in their early autumn hues, close-danced with one another.  The sky was a cloud-mottled blue. The pine needles that blanketed the forest floor filled the air and my nostrils with their pungent scent. With my trifocals I gingerly navigated the…Read more »

More on Open-heartedness

One big enemy of open-heartedness is anxiety. An undercurrent of worry will carry significant amounts of attention and energy away from the enterprise of real living. (Open-heartedness is real living.) For those of us who are doggedly conscientious, carrying on while feeling chronically overwhelmed can become a way of life — but it’s not usually an open-hearted way of life.