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Let Us Pray

October 22, 2007

jesushealing.jpgYesterday we talked about what it means to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. A temple is where worship happens, where sacrifice happens, and where the presence of God is mediated to the world. St. Teresa wrote a prayer that expresses that third aspect. May it describe how we live our lives this week:

Lord, I know that Christ has no body on earth but ours,

no hands but ours,

no feet but ours,

ours are the eyes through which Christ looks out in compassion to the world,

ours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good,

and ours are the hands with which he is to bless the world now.

Lord, make it so in my life, now and always.  Amen.

The Wild-erness

October 17, 2007

Desert Walker  originally uploaded by Fittay MuDaniel de Roulet, in his book, Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World, talks about his family’s moving from surburban New Jersey to a small desert town in California after his father’s death. A sign near the highway exit read, “Welcome to Ridgecrest, Gateway to Death Valley.” Every year bored high school seniors would remove the word “Valley” from the sign. Roulet writes: “Despite the loneliness I experienced from the severity of the move west and the displacement that any child would experience at that age, and despite what initially seemed to be endless sky and sand, I began to experience the landscape.” (more…)

Post-Worship Musings

October 15, 2007

lion.jpg  Originally uploaded by marmelderYesterday I took a walk at Plotterkill Nature Preserve. The wind was cool and bracing. Trees, clothed in their early autumn hues, close-danced with one another.  The sky was a cloud-mottled blue. The pine needles that blanketed the forest floor filled the air and my nostrils with their pungent scent. With my trifocals I gingerly navigated the gnarled roots that make the Plotterkill trails look and feel like a rope course until I came to an overlook. Sitting down on a log that someone had perched on two smaller logs for a bench, I let the wind wash over my underdressed body. As my heart sipped on my not-unusual post-worship emotional cocktail of self-doubt and embarrassment, I allowed my eyes to drink in the incredible beauty and wildness around me. (more…)

More on Open-heartedness

October 5, 2007

One big enemy of open-heartedness is anxiety. An undercurrent of worry will carry significant amounts of attention and energy away from the enterprise of real living. (Open-heartedness is real living.) For those of us who are doggedly conscientious, carrying on while feeling chronically overwhelmed can become a way of life — but it’s not usually an open-hearted way of life. (more…)


October 1, 2007

One day this past week while I was asking God to give me the wherewithal to do a hard, semi-heroic thing I thought might be a good thing me to do, it seemed that He interrupted me and said, “Today just work on being open-hearted.” Well, I was relieved. That sounded much easier. (more…)