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A Tale of Two Fridays

November 23, 2007

via-dolorosa.jpgIsn’t it fascinating that the “official” beginning of the Christmas (shopping) season is called Black Friday? Apparently, use of the term goes back to the 1970’s. Originally it referred to the heavy traffic on that day. Today retailers think of it more as the day they begin to turn a profit, i.e. operate in the black. (more…)

Ultimate Freedom

November 19, 2007

freedombirds.jpg Uploaded by S2TQMy benediction to you yesterday was, “Be free!” Some┬ádefine freedom as being free to do whatever we want. St. Augustine actually affirms this understanding of freedom, but with an important qualification: “Love God, and do what you want.” (more…)

Revolution Anyone?

November 2, 2007

san-diego-wildfire.jpg uploaded by slworking2I like Jesus more and more, including those things he said that used to confuse me. I still find him confusing, but I love how he makes me think. He refuses to be a poster boy for my favorite theology,┬áspirituality or methodology, or anyone else’s for that matter. Just when I think I have Jesus figured out, he slips out of my grasp. At the point I’m ready to say, “I’ve got you,” he says, “Follow me.” (more…)