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Not Just Good but Glorious

December 21, 2007

high-jump2.jpg Uploaded by Lucio José Mart�nez González I want to thank those of you who responded to Steve’s email. (By the way, don’t miss Pete’s comment under “White Out.”) You all shared some very good thoughts. Steve, I’d like to respond to what I sense are three key issues in your email. (more…)

The Bar Too High?

December 19, 2007

Steve L. wrote the following response to my last post. I thought it raised such important issues that I asked Steve if I could include it as a regular post instead of a comment. I’m wondering if others identify with what Steve is saying. I’d like to give people a chance to respond before I offer some of my own thoughts. Thanks, Steve! (Let’s also be praying for Steve’s back.) (more…)

White Out

December 18, 2007

two-trees.jpgSunday was interesting. When I woke up at 1:00am, I realized that it wouldn’t do to preach the sermon I had planned. As I peered at the falling snow outside my window, it was obvious that the weather predictions were coming true. The sermon that I’d prepared was supposed to be the beginning of a series on prayer. Specifically, I had hoped to introduce the 24/7 prayer week we’re planning for next month. It felt important that most people be able to hear it. It was also obvious that likelihood of that happening this particular Sunday morning was next to nil.  At the same time, I felt pretty strongly that we shouldn’t cancel worship, even if that meant having to prepare another sermon. But what would I talk about? (more…)


December 10, 2007

valley-inn.jpgWe’re back. Sharon and I returned last night from Ohio where we spent 5 days at a retreat center for pastors and their wives, and then a couple of days with our kids and granddaughter in Cincinnati. Thank you for your prayers. It was an important week for both Sharon and me. There is no doubt in our minds that God met us. I’m sure you’ll be hearing some of what we heard and learned through future sermons and blog posts.

The retreat center we stayed at is in the heart of the largest concentration of Amish people in the world. I’ve included a link to a few pictures from our week. The shots of the Amish buggy and the Amish kids walking to school were taken from our bedroom window.