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On the Fly

February 28, 2008

You people are something. Seeing how people are continuing to fill those prayer shifts while we’re in California is a great blessing to Sharon and me. As we attend seminars and listen to speakers talk about “the church,” we realize that BRC is a very special place. You are never very far from our hearts or our conversations. (more…)

The Hard Questions

February 25, 2008

repentance3.jpgAs we continue this 24/45 prayer journey, there are a couple of hard core questions that we hopefully won’t avoid asking ourselves. Having received God’s welcome and his embracing love in that prayer tent, have we had the courage to ask him if there are any unconfessed sins in our lives; if there is anything we are doing right now that is not pleasing to him? The second hard core question: “Is there anyone I haven’t forgiven?” (more…)

Turning Places into Palaces

February 22, 2008

candles.jpg  Inside Prayer TentThis morning I’ve got another quote for you from Frank Laubach. He wrote this at a time when he was without his family and feeling very much alone. It fits what many of us have experienced in the prayer tent, but also encourages us to turn our homes and even our minds and bodies into this kind of sacred space. (I know of one family that recently created a prayer space in their home which kids and dad and mom are using without having to be prompted.) (more…)

Tottering but Resting

February 21, 2008

fence.jpg  Uploaded by alicemariedesign on FlickrFor our consistory devotions this year, I’ve asked our elders and deacons to simply read a short passage of Scripture — twice. Lynn B. read part of Psalm 62: (more…)

A New Adventure

February 20, 2008

typewriter.jpg  Uploaded from avisualplanet.comThis next Sunday I will be talking about how surrendering to the will of God is critical for walking with God. Today I want to quote another meaty passage from Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic: (more…)

Practicing His Presence

February 19, 2008

wall.jpg  Uploaded from avisualplanet.comDuring worship on Sunday I said that I hoped each of us would hit “the wall” during this 24/45 prayer journey. I didn’t mean the endurance sort of “wall” that marathon runners hit at the 17th or 18th mile (though we may have to deal with that wall as well). What I meant was the particular wall that each of us has repeatedly run into in our walk with God and trying to be a follower of Jesus. (more…)


February 18, 2008

prayer-mountain.jpg  Uploaded from avisualplanet.comLast week I talked about the mystery of the cross as well as the mystery we call “Jesus.” Given the 24/45 prayer journey we’re on, it seems appropriate to say something about the mystery of prayer.

Like most people, I have lots of questions about prayer: Why is prayer necessary? What’s the best way to pray? How do I decide who to pray for? How long do I keep praying about a situation? (more…)