On the Fly

You people are something. Seeing how people are continuing to fill those prayer shifts while we’re in California is a great blessing to Sharon and me. As we attend seminars and listen to speakers talk about “the church,” we realize that BRC is a very special place. You are never very far from our hearts…Read more »

Practicing His Presence

During worship on Sunday I said that I hoped each of us would hit “the wall” during this 24/45 prayer journey. I didn’t mean the endurance sort of “wall” that marathon runners hit at the 17th or 18th mile (though we may have to deal with that wall as well). What I meant was the particular wall…Read more »


Last week I talked about the mystery of the cross as well as the mystery we call “Jesus.” Given the 24/45 prayer journey we’re on, it seems appropriate to say something about the mystery of prayer. Like most people, I have lots of questions about prayer: Why is prayer necessary? What’s the best way to…Read more »