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March 30, 2009

manreadingbibleWell, it’s been a while. Tendinitis in my elbows has required me to lay off my typing as much as possible. I’ve been learning some new voice recognition software that should relieve the stress on my arms. Sharon and I were also on vacation this past week. We are grateful for the time to read, pray, walk, be alone, be together, talk together, watch some movies, play Bananagrams. We’ve especially been enjoying historical documentaries. A four-part series about Franklin Delano Roosevelt felt particularly timely in light of the economic and global challenges our country presently faces. (more…)

Essential 100 Challenge: Day 76 — Acts 9:1-31

March 17, 2009

pauldamascusTalk about a roller coaster ride. Poor Paul had quite a time of it, didn’t he?

On Sunday, I said that our faith rests on both truths and facts, and that biblical truths are based on biblical facts. The core of Paul’s theology and spirituality was based on the facts of what happened that day on the road to Damascus.


Essential 100 Challenge: Day 75 — Acts 10:1-11:18

March 16, 2009

spiritglassPeter is about to experience another conversion, his world turned upside down. To this point, Peter believed that the Jewish people and the Jewish nation were the focus of God’s attention. When Jesus had told the apostles to be his witnesses throughout the world, they assumed he meant the Jews throughout the world. (more…)

Essential 100 Challenge: Day 70 — Acts 1:1-11

March 11, 2009


I hate to admit it, but I’m pretty sure that would have been my last word t0 Jesus as he was ascending into the sky. “But…you didn’t answer our question. You can’t go yet, we don’t know enough!”


Essential 100 Challenge: Day 69 — John 20:1-21:25

March 10, 2009

trinityrublovI will  be reflecting more on this passage next Sunday. Today I would like to focus on what our reading says about our life in the Trinity.

Jesus said to Mary, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'” (John 20:17). (more…)

Essential 100 Challenge: Day 68 — John 19:1-42

March 9, 2009

christcrossSo who won? When Jesus said those final words, “It is finished,” it was pretty clear that the devil had won, Rome had won, the Jewish leaders had won. Clearly Jesus hadn’t won. Clearly Jesus was finished.

But Jesus didn’t say, “I’m finished;” he said, “It is finished.” In other words, he had accomplished what he came to do. Instead of being his victors, Pilate, Caiaphas and Satan unwittingly operated as Jesus’ accomplices. They actually helped Jesus accomplish what he came to do. (more…)

Essential 100 Challenge: Day 64 — Mark 5:1-20

March 5, 2009

GeraseneHillOh, the tormented lives some people lead. The “demoniac” in today’s reading is tormented by enough demons to send a herd of 2000 pigs over a cliff into the lake. On the other hand, there is the person who said to me recently, “I really don’t have any problems.” Our experience of life is so different, isn’t it? (more…)