Divine Alchemy

Yesterday’s Gospel reading contains the Beatitudes. I’ve been intrigued with the Beatitudes, in fact the whole Sermon on the Mount, for many years. Like so many other teachings of Jesus, we may find ourselves “strangely drawn” to them, and at the same time mystified by them. I have personally interpreted them in all sorts of…Read more »

Remembering Jesus

During Sunday’s sermon I said that one of the key ways I remember Jesus is by rereading the Gospels. Yesterday morning I read through the gospel of Matthew. I read through it — I didn’t read it thoroughly. I read just enough of each story or teaching to jog my memory about that event. Then I moved…Read more »

What’s the Point?

A couple of thoughts about yesterday’s Gospel reading (Mark 14:53-55). The religious leaders have arrested Jesus and are now interrogating him. Witnesses are bringing up all sorts of accusations, and are offering different renditions and interpretations of things that Jesus has said during his ministry. Jesus is silent. He makes no attempt to defend himself…Read more »