The Two Ways Jesus Leads Us

Welcome to day two of *28. “Following Jesus. Following Jesus wherever he leads us. Following Jesus, wherever he leads us, whatever the cost…for love.” Where does Jesus lead us? I’m realizing that it’s important to answer that question both broadly and narrowly. If we don’t grasp the broad answer, we may miss or misinterpret the…Read more »

Good Morning, Fellow-Travelers

The journey we are calling *28 has begun. Some of us are getting an earlier start than others. Maybe a few of you woke up in the night, remembering what day it was and wondering what the journey will bring.  As Sharon and I prayed in our advent-decorated living room last night, I sensed him calling, saying it…Read more »

Hey, Wait Up!

Okay Bobbie, Chris (see comments at end of previous post), no fair getting a jumpstart on the rest of us! Just kidding. (Actually, I’ve been doing a little cheating myself.) Seriously, some of you may be thinking, “I’m already trying to make Jesus the center of my life. How does this *28 apply to me?”…Read more »


People who were at worship yesterday morning heard about *28 (Star 28), which is the code name for a journey that I’m inviting people to join me on for 28 days, beginning this next Sunday. (If you didn’t hear the sermon, I encourage you to listen to the podcast. You can get there through this…Read more »

Christ Awareness

Tough day yesterday for Mario. He really appreciated the love and tears he experienced from the kids and adults at the youth group meeting on Sunday night. Both he and his mother have a challenging road ahead of them. Without getting into specifics, please be praying for their safety. I’ll e-mail his address to folks…Read more »

Out on a Limb

Made a last-ditch effort yesterday afternoon to see if Mario could stay with Sharon and me for at least the next little while. Mom wasn’t open to it, and she gave a couple of decent reasons why it would be a problem. I’m going to miss that guy. Mario is amazed at all the love…Read more »