Seeking the Kingdom…First

“Seek first God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness….” I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ words since I read them on Sunday afternoon. I’ve especially been asking myself what it means to “seek the kingdom of God.” I’ll probably share more about that at a later time. One thing I’m quite sure it means is advancing the kingdom, which raises…Read more »

Another Story

I’ve struggled with whether or not to keep yesterday’s post on the blog. I think I will, for now, in case it can be helpful for some folks. I want you to know that I don’t feel any animosity towards my father. I’m sure my own kids have their own stuff to work through because…Read more »

An Unexpected Turn

Day three of *28. Day three of “following Jesus, wherever he leads us, whatever the cost…for love.” “Following Jesus” is fundamentally the experience of “being led.” We follow Jesus wherever he leads us. He takes the initiative, not us. Following Jesus isn’t just a matter of asking ourselves, “Okay, what would it mean to follow…Read more »