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Why We Do What We Do on Sunday Mornings (and for as long as we do it)

November 27, 2013

WorshipFamily2For those of us who weren’t at worship on Sunday morning, I thought it might be important to repeat a few of the key points, since they have to do with the content and length of our worship services.

I’ll be honest. I tend to be of two minds, or to be guilty of what James in his letter describes as being “double-minded,” when I think about our Sunday gathering.

When I’m coming at this from inside the gospel, from inside the life that Jesus and his disciples lived and the life he calls us to live with him, a lot of what we do during worship feels normal and natural. But when I look at it from the outside — you know, comparing our service to the services of other churches, especially Reformed churches —  well, especially the length of our service seems a bit…odd. I could use other adjectives, or you could just fill in your own.  (more…)