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Opening Day

December 6, 2013

Ruth'sPlaceYesterday was opening day for Ruth’s Place. What the box stores call a “soft” opening. No advertising. Just a sandwich board sign telling people we were open for business.

Enough happened yesterday to confirm our hopes for this ministry. People bought stuff – $63 worth. Customers shared stories. It wouldn’t be right to share details here, but connecting with people around their stories was one of our hopes for Ruth’s Place.

One’s person’s story included a significant stretch of recovery time from substance abuse. A volunteer who recognized them told them about Celebrate Recovery. The person said they were going to come.

Another woman came in with her two daughters and their children — lots of children. Lois sat down with the kids and started reading books to them. Then Lynn came in the door, saw that Lois was inundated with children, grabbed a book and started reading too. After the woman made several trips to the counter she said she was amazed at how well-behaved the children had been. (Not surprisingly, she also bought some children’s Christmas books.)

It’s happening. Thank you for your prayers. Don’t stop.