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Clarifying the Mission

January 7, 2016

MagiYesterday was Epiphany. It’s easy to miss. I’m even a day late talking about it. Part of what’s challenging is that it always happens on January 6, so it rarely falls on a Sunday. (It doesn’t help that we’re all still recovering from Christmas.)

The historical backdrop for Epiphany is the story of the Magi. The official line about the meaning of Epiphany is that it marks the manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles.

So, given how infrequently I’m writing blog posts these days, why am I writing a day late about a day in the church year that has already come and gone (especially since I have yet to start my sermon for Sunday)?

Epiphany reminds us of our mission. Mission isn’t just one of many other things we do as a community of disciples. It’s why we do all the other things, especially until Jesus comes back. (more…)