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On This Eve of Lent

February 9, 2016

Lent2So will this Lent be a mere “season” of the church year or an actual journey? Will it only be a time for reflection or will there be actual movement in our spiritual lives?

Like I said on Sunday, no one has to do Lent. The word Lent isn’t in the Bible. And there aren’t a whole lot of “have to’s” in this New Covenant that Jesus initiated with his own blood.

But what if we get to? What if we get to actually move to a different and better place in which to live our life with God, with one another and with the world – the very real world that you and I spend our days in?

There are 40 days in Lent (apart from the five Sundays, our weekly celebration of Jesus’ resurrection). On Sunday we reflected upon the transfiguration of Jesus, when Moses and Elijah showed up to help prepare him for the journey ahead. Of course, all this was intended to help Peter, James and John prepare for the journey as well.

In case you find yourself also wanting to prepare for the forty day journey of Lent, here are the questions raised on Sunday, just in case they spark a desire in you for something deeper, different or more.

Forty day journeys have a rich and varied tradition in the Bible. Significant things happen during 40 day journeys. (more…)