Manna Anyone?

In today’s Old Testament reading (Exodus 16:10-22), the Israelites get their first taste of “manna” – the honey tasting flakes that would descend upon their camp six days a week for 40 years. (On the sixth day they were to gather enough for two days. Both God and his people would rest on the seventh…Read more »

The Tester

So does God ever test us? We talk about the devil tempting us, but does God ever test us, and how do we know the difference? Soon after I came to BRC I preached a sermon where I suggested that the same event can be a trial, a temptation and a test. It’s like looking…Read more »


It’s been well over a year since my last blog post. I think I’m back. Sort of. It won’t be like before, at least most of the time. I realize now that the longer the post, the less likely you are to read it. So I want to use this blog to help us stay…Read more »