“Nothing is more practical than finding God."

DiscussingI had an amazing time learning from Jesus during my Scripture reading this morning. The day ahead is full, and there would be too much to recount in a blog post anyway. But I want to say something this morning that I’m finding is really, really important for engaging with Christ in Scripture.

You see, part of what made the Scriptures so amazing for me this morning was a conversation I had with Sharon last night. We talked about some really meaty subjects related to faith and evangelism and community. And then we prayed about those things together. And it was because of that conversation and that time of prayer that the Scriptures virtually exploded with meaning for me this morning (and, I sense, for Sharon as well).

Not all of us have someone in our household that we can talk with about what we’re wondering about and learning as a follower of Jesus. But I think it’s so important to be interacting about our faith with some person or group. That sort of honesty and vulnerability can feel risky. But I don’t think any true community happens without it. And our reading of Scripture is likely to be impoverished as well.

Just as the Trinity is three persons in community, fundamental to our life in Christ is each of us being a person, yes a real person, in community. And community requires communication, especially about the things that really matter – which isn’t just the fact that the Mets are 10 and 1.

I’m guessing there are questions that are not meant for us to think about on our own. We should also remember that hardly anyone in the early church had their own Bible. Reading the Bible had to happen in community. I love the fact that I can read my Bible on my own every morning. But I think the process can be hindered if not aborted when we aren’t talking about this stuff with one another.

Including after worship on Sunday morning.

How important has talking with other people about your questions and discoveries been for your reading of Scripture?

2 thoughts on “Talking about This Stuff in Community

  1. Kelley McNeil says:

    So important. I find myself slipping out of reading scripture when I have no fellowship.

  2. Sharon Scheenstra says:

    That’s an important insight, Kelley; maybe some of us should brainstorm about ways to make more fellowship-around-Scripture opportunities available. We might need to think in terms of small “journey groups” of three or four since everyone’s schedules are so full and so different from each others.

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