“Nothing is more practical than finding God."

BRC (Bellevue Reformed Church) is a motley group of Jesus Followers affiliated with an evangelical/ecumenical denomination called the Reformed Church in America. “Evangelical” means we believe that what the New Testament says about Christ and His Kingdom can change lives and change the world. “Ecumenical” means that we not only put up with other Christians, we need them. “Reformed” refers to a particular stream within Christianity that emphasizes our need to continually reshape and reform ourselves according to the Scriptures, especially the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

“Bellevue” is the name of the neighborhood where we gather, worship and serve. Many of our oldest members grew up in the neighborhood and many of our newest members still live here. It’s seen a lot of changes since the GE glory days. (The Bellevue neighborhood is next door to the original General Electric plant, which has shrunk from 45,000 to 2000 employees.) We’re glad to be here.

We’re not a cookie-cutter congregation (though we do love our cookies). We’re so different one from another –  in personality, resources, background, interests – that it’s pretty hard to say anything descriptive that wouldn’t immediately bring exceptions to mind. Imagine a big blended extended family and you’ll come close. We love worshiping God (in all sorts of ways). While our worship inspires us, it’s our mission that defines us. We feel called to serve Christ in our neighborhood and in the world. Alpha (an introductory course for spiritual seekers), Adventure Club (for 3rd-6th graders), Junior and Senior High youth programs (most kids come from outside our church), Camp Bellevue, Kids’ Hope USA (23 members of the church mentoring children in a neighborhood school) are a few of the ways outreach happens locally. Like Jesus, we try to be especially attentive to the needs of those who live near the margins of society.

We welcome anyone’s comments and contributions in the “Comments” section of each post. We would love this to be a more of a conversation than a monologue. Mostly, we hope it will be a way for people to stay connected, or in some cases, become connected.

One thought on “About bellevue reformed church

  1. Pat Obrecht says:

    Somehow I missed reading this part about BRC and who we are. I really concur with what is written and it makes me smile and feel good to be even a small part of BRC. Pat Obrecht

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