“Nothing is more practical than finding God."

Mother Teresa said,“God has not called me to be successful; he has called me to be faithful.” She said this in response to those who questioned the effectiveness of her methods of caring for the poor. Her approach was personal rather than programmatic. Instead of trying to create some grand strategy for eliminating poverty, she …

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The high winds earlier this week did a number on my roof, with several shingles now sticking out of the snow at various angles in our back yard. This was the second time our roof showed its age during a wind storm. Fortunately, I knew someone who was able to come and replace the shingles …

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During my sermon yesterday I shared a personal working definition of peace. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive definition, but a practical one for living this stretch of my journey. Peace is the ability to accept and embrace the uncertainty, risk and emotional vulnerability of being human.