Risky Healing

In today’s gospel reading (John 5:1-15), Jesus heals a man who’s been disabled for thirty-eight years. He starts by asking the invalid what at first glance is a question with an obvious answer: “Do you want to become well?” After hearing the man explain why past attempts at healing have been unsuccessful, Jesus tells him…Read more »

A Death Allowed

The following poem is based on today’s gospel (John 4:43-54), and is a follow-up to yesterday’s post as well as a blade to till the soil for this coming Sunday’s sermon. A second wonder in Cana. A second word to give one pause. “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.” Miracles…Read more »

Remembering to Forget

Earlier this week I came across this quote by Paul Minear: “The present disclosure of divine will demands the forgetting of what should be forgotten and the remembering of what should be remembered.” If you’re like me, I often forget the things I want to remember, and remember events I wish I could forget. Some…Read more »

A Healing Place

I just started reading a book about a church in Baton Rouge called Healing Place Church. The church began with the pastor and his wife along with a handful of congregants serving people in their community like crazy. The book is entitled Servolution. I like the name of the book. I also like the name…Read more »