Essential 100 Challenge: Day 40 — II Kings 25:1-30

For those of you who are trying to stay up with the Essential 100 Challenge, there isn’t a post on Day 39 because that day’s passage was the focus for yesterday’s sermon. If you’re interested, the sermon should be available on the home page of our website in the next couple of days ( Today’s passage…Read more »

Essential 100 Challenge: Days 36, 37, 38; II Sam 11-12, I Kings 2-3,8-9

I wonder how many of us start well but finish poorly. New Year’s resolutions, projects around the house, ministry, maybe even this Essential 100 Challenge. Sometimes these words capture not just a specific project or episode in our lives but our lives as a whole. David and Solomon were both kings who started well but…Read more »

Essential 100 Challenge: Day 35 — II Samuel 5:1-7:29

In my last post I talked about God’s sovereignty over the devil: but what about over death? When someone dies, people often say things like, “It was his time” or “God wanted her home.” On the other hand, when the cause of death is especially painful, brutal or evil, we’re often inclined to attribute the tragedy to…Read more »