“Nothing is more practical than finding God."

One big enemy of open-heartedness is anxiety. An undercurrent of worry will carry significant amounts of attention and energy away from the enterprise of real living. (Open-heartedness is real living.) For those of us who are doggedly conscientious, carrying on while feeling chronically overwhelmed can become a way of life — but it’s not usually an open-hearted way of life.

Sometimes the learning curve is so steep, and happening around so many different themes, that it’s hard to know which to write about or how to possibly describe what’s stretching me and what I barely grasp myself. Maybe you’ve noticed that the number of posts on this blog have dropped dramatically this summer. There are several reasons for that: …

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The Patrick’s Picnic is such a happy route back into life-at-BRC after having been way. I don’t get to see everyone, but we do get to look into many dear familiar (family-er) faces and see love shining out. And there is just so much life at a Patrick picnic, isn’t there.

1. Sean and Jennifer, who were in Boston over the weekend, decided to drive all the way back to Schenectady late Saturday night in order to be with us in worship on Sunday morning.  (This made God happy; it meant that He could receive those stirring drum-punctuated songs He loves so much.) 2. Rachel and Jennifer …

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