Manna Anyone?

In today’s Old Testament reading (Exodus 16:10-22), the Israelites get their first taste of “manna” – the honey tasting flakes that would descend upon their camp six days a week for 40 years. (On the sixth day they were to gather enough for two days. Both God and his people would rest on the seventh…Read more »


It’s been well over a year since my last blog post. I think I’m back. Sort of. It won’t be like before, at least most of the time. I realize now that the longer the post, the less likely you are to read it. So I want to use this blog to help us stay…Read more »

Covenant Renewal: Spiritual Practice 1 – Meet God Daily in the Scriptures

December 4 will be Covenant Renewal Sunday at BRC. Our theme for that day and the weeks leading up to it is “Building up the Body.” Each week we’re inviting people to reflect on one of Nine Spiritual Practices that the Scriptures tell us are important for the functioning of a growing, healthy “body,” or what the…Read more »