Covenant Renewal: Spiritual Practice 2 – Gather with God’s People Weekly for Worship

This week’s spiritual practice for building up the body is “Gather with God’s People Weekly for Worship.” Let’s take that statement apart. First, we gather. One meaning of the Greek word for “church” is “gathering.” In other words, coming together and being together is fundamental to what it means to be church. Ultimately, this understanding of church…Read more »

Some Thoughts on Communion

It’s been about a year since we began celebrating communion weekly at BRC. (For those of you who are newer to BRC, our prior practice was to celebrate communion once a month.) We’ll at least begin a discussion at our next consistory meeting about whether we think this has been a good practice for our congregation. Over…Read more »

What Do We Value about Our Worship?

On Sunday mornings we’ve been talking about worship as one of four core activities that pulsed through the life of the early church. (The others are discipleship, fellowship and witness.) At our worship committee meeting last night we spent some time talking about some of the “values” that characterize and inform our worship at BRC.…Read more »