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Reading the Bible from Right to Left

December 31, 2008

genesis1I’m excited. Over the next few months we are going to be focusing on Scripture as a way and a place to encounter the living God. I’ve told the story before about the Christian college professor who was asked by a student, “What’s most important — prayer or studying the Scriptures?” He answered, “What’s more important to a bird, the left wing or the right wing?” (more…)

Sin Boldly

December 29, 2008

canoeDuring our worship yesterday I suggested that during this next year we redefine what a “good day” is, as well as redefine the word “prosperity.” Based on Psalm 1, I challenged us to define a good day as a day when we lived God’s way rather than a day when things went our way; and that we redefine prosperity as bearing fruit (e.g. the fruit of the Spirit) instead of acquiring more ornaments, more stuff.

Of course, once we take up the challenge of living God’s way, we immediately encounter another challenge: how does one know God’s way? (more…)

Praying for More Miracles

December 19, 2008

citylightsWith the memory of our time in the 24/7 prayer tent still fresh for many of us, I thought people might appreciate these thoughts written about a week ago in another 24/7 prayer room in Guildford, England by Pete Greig, founder of the 24/7 prayer movement. (more…)

Worry as Temptation?

December 16, 2008

apple1On Sunday I suggested that we shouldn’t see Martha’s way of loving Jesus as being inferior to Mary’s way of loving Jesus. (If you’re not familiar with the story, read Luke 10:38-42.) The problem, says Luke, was that Martha allowed herself to be “distracted  by all the preparations that had to be done.” Luke doesn’t dispute the necessity of the preparations. It’s just that Martha allowed herself to be distracted by them. (more…)

Welcoming Jesus

December 11, 2008

stgregoryThere was a time when I did quite a bit of reading about Benedictine spirituality. The Rule of St. Benedict is the guiding light for most Christian monastic communities in the world today, even the ones that don’t call themselves Benedictine. When Sharon and I lived in Michigan, we periodically visited and retreated at St. Gregory’s Abbey, an Episcopal Benedictine monastic community in Three Rivers, Michigan. (Strange as it may sound, we even spent our honeymoon there.) Hospitality is a key aspect of Benedictine spirituality. (more…)

Pleased to Give Us the Kingdom

December 9, 2008

ravensAs you can tell, I’ve not done much blogging lately. It’s not because I’ve lacked ideas to write about. Actually, it’s felt like there’s been too much to write about. This week and a half since our taking down the prayer tent has been one of the most theologically and spiritually fertile periods I can remember.  (I wonder if that’s been anyone else’s experience.) (more…)

Better Is One Day In Your Courts….

December 1, 2008

worshipholyspirit1This morning I woke with an inner stillness. I immediately pictured the tent. While the prayer tent has been disassembled, the memory of it still lives in me. A gift that keeps on giving. (more…)